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Member Requested Calibers

We want to make what the members want.  Our surveys are designed to give you an idea of what we could offer as far as calibers and projectile variations through our loading resources.  We will add your desired calibers as quickly as we are able to.  Please keep in mind how costly it is to secure components, find a quality company that is currently loading it or pay the high cost to re tool machines to load it in house.  With our margin being very small, the memebrship fees dont go very far when it comes to covering these costs up front before the sales start flowing in for them.  We want to provide you the best round we can to save you money, but we have to take calculated steps to avoid over extending the resources we have.

As always, we very much appreciate you membership and we will continue to add what the members want when there is sufficent member demand to justify it.

Take a look at the member requests we have added in this collection.  We are also constantly adding other calibers and variations into our general line up that are known in the industry to be popular.

Keep Shooting!!!