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What other members are saying?

300 Blackout TMJ 220 Subs FANTASTIC!

I put together a lot of custom 300 Blackout rifles at my specialty shop and like to use this platform to demo as many suppressors as possible on it.

We bought a 1,000 rounds July 2017 and burned through it in about 6 weeks. For the seriously low price my expectations were not very high but figured I would give it a try. I have to say I am beyond happy with the Ammunition.

Performance Report:
Ammo was shot through 8-10 different rifles, mostly Pmags and a few good old fashion metal box mags. Ranges from 10-100 yards. Temps from 50-95 degrees, both sunny days and thunderstorms.

0/1000 Failure to feed
0/1000 Failure to extract
2/1000 Failure to eject

*[Info below gathered using 8.5" sbr with a Silencerco Omega]

Sub 1/2 MOA groupings at 50 yards (this is where I set zero)

8" inches of drop @ 100 yards

I am impressed on how clean the ammunition ran through the rifles especially considering they were all suppressed. My customers who demo'd suppressors using these subs were extremely happy and I will be buying again.

Great ammo .. greater customer service!

I ordered these rounds to break in a new pistol. I shot several hundred rounds with no problems. I believe that it's easy to fulfill an order with no problems and be done with it, but a true test of the integrity of any company is when things don't go quite as planned. In my case the shipping carrier (FedEx)  screwed up. These guys not only addressed the problem, but exceeded my expectations. I'll be ordering more.

Found my new ammo supplier!

I bought 1k rounds of their .223... Only had time for a couple hundred rounds to see how they run. They all fired flawlessly and hit where I wanted them. I've never bought rounds for so cheap, so I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Shipping was quick and cheap. I'll be back for more!